NOUN Jan/Feb 2018 (2017_2) POP Final & Supplementary Time-Table

NOUN Jan/Feb 2018 (2017_2) POP Final & Supplementary Time-Table

Download National Open University, NOUN January/February 2018 (2017_2) Final and Supplementary POP Time-Table in PDF

The Authorities of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN has uploaded the January/February 2018 2017_2 POP Final and Supplementary Time Table.

Just Updated: Please be informed that the 2017_2 Pen-On-Paper and e-Exams will be conducted in all Study Centres across the country. All students should take note that they are to write Pen-On-Paper and e-Exam at their respective study centres.

Supplementary timetable for 2017_2 POP examination

  • Students who registered for MGS756 and SLM313 are to take PAD756 and SLM303 on DAY19 and DAY11 respectively.
  • Only 11am and 2pm of DAY23 have been altered. All other exams remain as slated.

The Time-Table has been Published Below:


Day Date(Day Month)
VTE414 Vocational Guidance BUS835 International Business Management ENT409 Rethinking Traditional Occupation
FMS304 Research Methodology CIT852 Data Communication And Networks JIL442 Criminology II
HEM745 Management And Care Of Hiv/aids JIL111 Legal Methods I CTH801 Graduate Theological Writing
JIL531 Maritime Law I CIT754 Digital Communication CLL315 Cooperative Law
JLS826 Speech Writing PAD783 Comparative Public Administration CRP310 Harvesting, Processing and Storage of Crops
ISL412Tafs?r: Exegesis Of Selected
Passages Of The
ENG454 Multilingualism PAD346 Environmental Planning and Management
NSS327 Community Health Nursing PAD444 Nigerian Local Government AEM772 Research Methods And Statistics
MBF839 Small Business Finance CSS452Victims Of Crime And Human Rights
CPT514 Produce/post-harvest Management
AEC308 Principles Of Farm Management BIO411 Parasitology MGS756 Project Analysis and Implementation
INR361Religion Ethnicity And Nationalism
In Interna
AEM723 Management Of Non-ruminant Animals SLM313 Introduction to Pedology and Soil Physics
EDA851Principles Of Institutional
Administration In
CTH723 Liberation And Feminist Theologies
PHY314 Numerical Computations JIL441 Criminology I
PCR711 Introduction To Peace Studies EDU764 Geography Methods
CIT484 Website Design & Programming CTH845 Islam And State
PUL321 Enviromental Law I


Day Date(Day Month)8am 11am 2pm
ENT306 Measuring Organizational Success ACP305 Principles Of Crop Protection ENT309 Events Management1 23 TUE 1
HEM710 Health System Management ENT414 Venture Creation And Growth HEM707 Biostatistics
PPL436 Law Of Intellectual Property Ii HEM726 Clinical Diagnostic And Therapeutic Services PUL446 Law Of Evidence Ii
AEA501 Statistics for Social Science AEA304 Agricultural Marketing And Price CRP309 Arable Crops Production
ISL343 Introduction To Islamic Theology ISL472 Islam_s Contributions To Civilization ISL402 Modern Reform Movement
NSS305 Epidemiology NSS508 Occupational Health NSS403 Medical Surgical Nursing Iii
EDU412 Educational Management FRE411 Intro. To Research In French EDU336 Post Teaching Practice Evaluation/remediation
CTH352 Sociology Of Religion ENG411 English For Specific Purposes AEM509 Agricultural Business Management
PCR417 International Relations And Security INR452 Energy Diplomacy And Oil Politics CSS491 Emergency Riot And Disaster Control Managemen
EDU821 Educational Statistics EDA825 Managerial Psychology INR491 China In World Politics
EDU712 Professionalism In Teaching PHY306 Optics Ii EDA844 Educational Statistics For Education Managers
BUS429 Corporate Planning AEM701 Agric Extension Education EDU724 Guidance And Counselling
PHY405 Electronics Iii PCR715 Introduction To Conflict Resolution Processes PHY406 Optics Iii
AEM719 Extension Method And Communication CIT381 File Processing And Management AEM738 Rural Development And Leadership
CSS742 Policing And Law Enforcement In Nigeria AEM458 Extension Strategies Inpilot Rural Developmen PCR713 Introduction To Peace Education
ENG316 Communication For Business PCR812 Political Economy Of Peace-building
CTH847 African Church Leaders CIT333 Software Engineering I
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