Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition Registration Forms & Guidelines - 2018/2019

Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition Registration Forms & Guidelines - 2018/2019

The Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools Categories Registration Guidelines | Prize and Benefits | Eligibility | Requirements | Payments Options for the 2018/2019 Academic Session

The Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition has announced the commencement of Registration for all Primary and Secondary Schools for the 2018/2019 academic session.

The Nigeria Spelling Bee is a product of Bee Spelling Competition Initiative, a registered Non-Governmental Organization with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

The organization is worried about the common mistakes students make and even writers in the usage of English words and the three major Nigerian languages.

This is the reason for organizing spelling competitions among Nigerian secondary school students, to promote accurate spelling of the commonly used words and improve the knowledge of students.

Students at the level of junior secondary school and those in senior secondary schools are eligible to take part in the competition.

The competition shall be held at state, zonal and national levels, where winners at every stage shall be rewarded with prizes accordingly.

NOTE: Online Registration for 2019 Season Commences on 1st October, 2018.

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Nigeria Spelling Bee Rules

The Nigeria Spelling Bee is open to all students in both public and private schools in Nigeria. All spellers will be asked to spell individually irrespective of the number of spellers from the same school.

From this Season (2019 Season), the Nigeria Spelling Bee will be divided into two distinct categories. The 3 best spellers from each category will represent Nigeria at the 2019 African Spelling Bee.

Please study these rules and act according for training and practice purposes.

Senior Category:

  • Senior spellers must not be more than 16years as at November 2019.
  • The advised minimum age for the Senior category is 13years (this is not a restriction to younger outstanding spellers).

Junior Category:

  • Junior spellers must not be more than 13years as at November 2019.
  • The advised minimum age for the Junior category is 9years (this is not a restriction to younger outstanding spellers).
  • Juniors compete for the Junior prizes and to represent Nigeria at the African Spelling Bee. However, to compete for the N1million Naira Senior Prize, a speller below 13years must register and compete as a senior.


Must attend a Primary or Secondary School in Nigeria.
  • Must attend a  Primary or Secondary School in Nigeria.
  • Spellers may register under their schools or privately but must supply their school details.
  • Spellers who will be in Final Senior Secondary School (SS3) as at 2018/2019 academic session or have passed Senior Secondary School 2 (SS2) are not eligible.
  • The organizers of the Nigeria Spelling Bee may disqualify, prior to, during, or after the competition, any speller who is not in compliance with any of the Eligibility Requirements or rules of the competition.


  • Registration is online on our e-portal upon the payment of N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira) only per speller.
  • Schools registering a group of more than 10 spellers should contact 08032478894 or 09056623866 or email info[at] for school discount.
  • All payments should be made to our official bank accounts as displayed on our website. No payment should be made directly to any person claiming to act on behalf of Nigeria Spelling Bee.
  • All spellers will be given a unique SPELLER ID on the “Confirmation Page” after submitting the form.
  • All Spellers are advised to keep their Proof of Payments and come with same to the competition venue.
  • Upon registration, Spellers will be regularly informed about competition dates, time and venue in their state via their phone numbers and email. (Please note that it is the responsibility of the speller to regularly check their emails and out website for updates. Also deactivate “Do-Not-Disturb” service to ensure delivery of our SMS)
  • Spellers are advised to register early and download the Study Guide and start practising early.
  • Spellers are required to study for English words by studying the Study Guide for this season which is available after registration. Note that The “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, New 8th Edition, (Windows Application)”. This is the sole source of words and adjudication criteria for this season.
  • The competition at state and regional levels may run into late evenings, schools are adviced to inform parents and make provision for spellers.
  • Spellers are required to study the Indigenous  (Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo), as those are the words that would be asked during the 1st / Fun Round of the competition. (NOTE: The indigenous words will NOT be used to disqualify a speller at the State and Regional Level.)
  • Spellers are required to Print the Registration Confirmation page after submitting the e-Registration form.
  • Spellers are required to upload a recent passport photograph during registration as it will be used to identify spellers during the competition.



  •  Go to any First Bank Plc Branch anywhere you are in Nigeria.
  • Pay the e-Registration Fee of N2,000 only into the below details.
    Acc. Name:  Bee Spelling Competition Initiative
    Acc. No:         2022981198
  • Keep your teller securely as it would be used to fill the e-Registration form.
  • Schools can make bulk payments for all their spellers (ex: N6,000 for 3spellers, N40,000 for 20spellers, etc). Contact 09056624866 for a discount for more than 10 spellers.
  • Important Notice:
    The security of your teller/teller number is your responsibility. Nigeria Spelling Bee will not accept any liability arising from any loss caused by exposing or sharing your teller number to another person.
  • Also, note that there will no refund after payment.


You can make payment using an ATM card at the comfort of your home or office for your child/student/sibling using the secured Quickteller / Paystack payment gateway button below.


  • Upon payment of registration fee, click the button below to register.
  • Each speller will be registered individually on the e-portal
  • After registration, each speller will have a Unique Speller-ID used to identify the speller on the competition stage.
  • Please use a computer with a printer to register each speller and print out the Confirmation Slip.
  • You are expected to bring along the Confirmation Slip along with proof of payment to the competition venue.
  • Spellers will be contacted concerning the details of the competition in their preferred venues. 


  • Spellers shall start competing from the State Qualifier in their respective states. (Note that two or more states may be merged due to low registrations –below 50per state)
  • Top Spellers at the State Qualifiers will participate in the Regional Qualifier in their respective regions.
  • Top Spellers at the State Qualifier will be informed of the state of the Regional Qualifier.
  • Top Spellers at the Regional Qualifier will participate at the National Finals (Grand Finale)
  • Top Spellers at the Regional Qualifiers will be informed of the State where the National Finals (Grand Finale) will hold.


The qualifiers will have 2 distinct rounds of competition

Round 1

a. Round 1 is a non-elimination round and is a multi-lingual round using the word list with words from the 3 major languages of Nigeria (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba).

b. For the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo words used in the competition, the Spellers are strongly advised to download and print them to study after submitting the e-Registration form.

c. Spellers will be asked to spell either a Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba word serially without prejudice and no speller will be given undue advantage

d. The Indigenous Languages will not be used to eliminate in the State and Regional Qualifiers.

Round 2 and Above

a. Round 2 and all subsequent rounds will be elimination rounds using English words only.

b. For the English words, Spellers are advised to download and study the Study Guide for this season after successful registration. This will serve as a base guide for spellers to study for the competition.

c. Finalists will be given additional study materials that will be used for at the National Finals.

d. Spellers are also advised to read and study broadly for the competition.


  • Spellers are required to be very audible and clear on their spelling.
  • Spellers are required to pronounce the word after they have spelled it to indicate that they are through with the spelling. (A speller may be disqualified for not pronouncing the words after spelling within the time frame).
  • A Speller has 60 seconds to spell his/her word and pronounce the word after starting to spell the first letter.
It is the right and responsibility of the speller to request the following:
  1. Re-pronunciation
  2. Definition,
  3. the origin of the word,
  4. sentence example,
  5. part of speech,
  6. alternate pronunciation if alternative pronunciations are available, and within the allowed parameters of the rules
  7. homonyms: if a word has one or more homonyms, the Pronouncer indicates which word is to be spelled by defining the word
  8. Spellers are advised to make use of these rights and responsibilities and not rely only on pronunciations.
  9. A speller can NOT change the order of the letters in a word after pronouncing the letters during spelling.
  10. Officials may disqualify any contestant who ignores a request to spell his/her word after a reasonable length of time.


  • The Spelling Bee will be conducted primarily in English.
  • The multi-lingual section of the competition will be conducted using the words on the multi-lingual word list with English translations
  • In the event of any complaint, suggestion or need for clarification, such should be directed to the adjudicator.
  • Complaints concerning the spelling of a word must be brought up before the end of the current round.
  • Both American and British spelling of words will be allowed and the Concise Oxford English Dictionary will be used in the competition as the final authority.


The Officiating Panel will officiate the Spelling Bee and consist of the following members:
  • Primary Pronouncer
  • Adjudicators/Timekeepers
  • Program Director

Primary Pronouncer

  • Must pronounce words according to the pronunciation provided in the computerized audio of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary;
  • calls out the words that each speller will spell;
  • gives the alternate pronunciation to avoid misunderstanding (if alternative pronunciations are available, and within the allowed parameters of the rules). This is based on speller request;
  • advises on the following on request: the origin of the word, definition, sentence, part of speech, and whether alternatives of the words exist;
  • homonyms: if a word has one or more homonyms, the Pronouncer indicates which word is to be spelled by defining the word.


  • The adjudicator will sit apart from the Pronouncer
  • The adjudicator will rule immediately on any disputes raised either by a Participant or an audience member
  • The adjudicator will ensure the smooth running of the competition
  • assist the Primary Pronouncer by listening to the spelling of the word and determines if it is spelled correctly
  • upholds the rules in determining whether or not words are spelled correctly
  • works from a Name List that contains the names of all Spellers in the competition
  • crosses off the names of all Spellers who are eliminated and submits their numbers
  • ensures that Spellers stick to the allocated time (60 seconds) from the time they begin to spell the word

Programme Director

  • Manages the proceedings according to the programme
  • opens the event
  • Introduces the Adjudication Panel and explains the rules to the audience
  • Acknowledges the spellers participating
  • instructs the audience not to applaud after each contestant has spelled, but only at the end of each Round
  • announces the beginning and end of each Round
  • hands over proceedings to the Pronouncer

10.  Prizes and Benefits

1. National Champion: Wins 1 Million Naira in Scholarships + Documentary on Champion's School + Books for the Champion's School Library + Nigeria Spelling Bee Ambassador for Life.

2. First Runner Up: Will go home with the sum of N500, 000 in Scholarship

3. Second Runner Up: Will go home with the sum of N250, 000 in Scholarship

4. Other Great Prizes for Participants:
Lots and lots of other consolation prizes are up for grabs.
Every participant will also be recognized with our certificates.

For registration inquiries and assistance, click HERE

Your school may apply to host the State or Regional Qualifiers in its premises. For benefits and requirements, click HERE
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