Lagos State “Ready Set Work 3.0” Initiative Program Begins - 2018

Lagos State “Ready Set Work 3.0” Program Begins - 2018

The Lagos State Ministry of Education “Ready Set Work 3.0” Entrepreneurship Programmme Form, Duration, Timeline, Curriculum, Method of Application for for Final and Penultimate Year Students of Lagos State-Based Tertiary Institutions - 2018.

The ReadySetWork is an employability and entrepreneurship program aimed at preparing final year students for immediate entry into the workforce as employees and employers of labour by equipping them with market-aligned knowledge, soft skills, business tools, and a mindset reorientation to the world of work.

An initiative of the Lagos State Ministry of Education, in partnership with a network of stakeholders including Corporate Nigeria, Lagos State-owned tertiary institutions and training partners,

ReadySetWork is aimed at addressing the gaps in the skill set of graduates of tertiary institutions in Lagos State, and curtailing the high level of graduate unemployment in the State.

This is to be accomplished through a strategic intervention of thirteen weeks of intensive training in work-based and entrepreneurial skills acquisition.

This year, 2018, the programme will host 5,000 final year students drawn from 9 Federal and State tertiary institutions. In addition, 20,000 students in their penultimate year from all 9 institutions will be simultaneously admitted to an online learning academy to prepare them for admission into the program in their final year.


Every student who graduates from a tertiary institution located in Lagos State will possess the knowledge, skills and mind-set required to be self-employed or become a value adding employee.

Participating Schools:

The 2018 participants will comprise of final and penultimate year students of:
  • Lagos State University
  • Lagos State Polytechnic
  • Lagos State College of Health Technology
  • Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education
  • Micheal Otedola College of Education
  • University of Lagos
  • Caleb University
  • Yaba College of Technology
  • FCET Akoka


The programme will be opened to 5,000 final year students from participatory institutions using the face-to-face method of learning and 20,000 penultimate year students from participatory institutions utilizing the on-line method of learning.

Programme Duration:

The programme runs for thirteen (13) weeks of intensive training (Saturday only) administered during the Second Semester of the school year.

Internships & Seed Funding:

At the end of the 13 weeks, outstanding students that have met the program requirements will have the opportunity to earn internship placements at various top organizations in the State. Students interested in being entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas in and their endeavour to bid for seed funding.

 ReadySetWork 2018 At A Glance:

  • RSW 2018
  • 5,000 Final Year Students
  • 20,000 Penultimate Year Students
  • 3 Centers (LASU, LASPOTECH and UNILAG)
  • 13 weeks of face-to-face courses
  • 6 weeks of RSW Online Academy – available to students in their penultimate year; will serve as a prerequisite for participation in their final year
  • Participating Institutions – Lagos State University (LASU), Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED), Lagos State College of Health Technology (LASCOHET), Michael Otedola College of Education (MOCPED), University of Lagos (UNILAG), CALEB University, Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Federal College of Education (Technical)
  • Internship Fair for 25,000 students
  • 3000 internship/apprenticeship placement slots

 RSW Timeline

Program Duration July – September
Sensitization March 13th (LASU-10am, AOCOED-2pm) March 20th (LASCOHET-10am, UNILAG-2pm)
March 27th (LASPOTECH-10am, MOCPED-2pm)
April 10th (YABATECH -10am, FCET-2pm)
April 17th (CALEB – 12noon)
Press Conference
Portal Opens for Registration March 2018
Train the Trainers April 2018
Graduation Date October 2018


The curriculum consists of:
  • A General Module
  • A Combined Entrepreneurship and Employability Module
  • A specialized Teachers track designed  for participants from AOCOED & MOCPED
  • Penultimate year module (RSW Online Academy)

Week 1
  • Reorientation of the Nigerian graduate
    • Dealing with wrong mindset, attitudes and perceptions.
    • Dignity of labour – Whether in white collar or blue collar jobs
    • Emphasizing possession of right skill set instead of just having a certificate.
  • Overview of the Nigerian labour market
    • Labour supply versus labour demand
    • Dealing with excess labour supply
  • Introduction to employability skills
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship skills
  • Which is rewarded at work – certificate or skill?
  • Skill set required in the world of work.
  • The Concept of Entrepreneurship
  • Problems as Opportunities
  • Problems everywhere; business ideas for all communities
  • Regular business vs. Social enterprise
  • The Start-Up Lifecycle

Week 2
  • Digital Skills
    • Working with Tools & Technology
    • Technology & Business
    • Technology in the workplace
  • CodeLagos
  • Foundations: The Basics
    • Computing Systems
    • The Internet
    • Coding Concepts: Loop, Events, Sequencing, Conditionals, etc.
  • Think: The Essentials of Computational Thinking
    • Abstraction
    • Generalization & Pattern Recognition
    • Decomposition
    • Algorithms & Programming
    • Debugging
  • Pathways: Where will Coding Take You?
    • Coding Means Business: Employment & Entrepreneurship Opportunities
    • Coding for Solutions
    • Coding for Solutions
Week 3
  • Self-awareness and self-discovery
  • Emotional intelligence definition
  • Differences between Emotional Intelligence and Intelligence Quotient
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence in an organization.
  • Develop knowledge of the essential competence of emotional intelligence
  • Identify strategy for Emotional Intelligence development
  • Personal benefits of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Exploration: The Art of You
  • Personality type review and mapping personal resources and skills
  • Identify inappropriate behaviour and how to respond to it

Week 4
  • Life Skills in the workplace
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
    • Identifying and defining the problem
    • Communicating the problem to appropriate personnel
    • Generating possible solutions
    • Choosing and implementing the best course of action.
    • Critical thinking as a required skill for entrepreneurs, workers & teachers
  • Communication in the workplace
    • Verbal (Grammar, Spelling, Writing & Email Correspondence
    • Non-Verbal (Appearance & Body Language)
  • Customer Service
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Goal Setting
    • Setting SMART career goals
    • Goal identification
    • Identification of Potential Obstacles
    • Action Plan Creation
Week 5
  • Life Skills in the workplace cont’d
  • Planning & Organizing
    • Planning and scheduling tasks so that work is completed on time
    • Prioritizing various competing tasks
    • Effective & efficient allocation of time and resources.
  • Decision Making
    • Identifying and prioritizing key issues involved in facilitating decision making process
  • Leadership
    • Attributes of an effective leader
    • Leadership vs. Management
    • Leadership style
    • Developing your leadership potential
 Week 6
  • Job Search Interview Skills
  • Starting Your Career
  • Career Planning
  • Choosing Careers
  • Setting career goals
  • Accessing career options
  • Analysis of career paths
  • Skills assessment
  • Analysis of skills and qualifications required for a range of occupations.

Week 7
  • Pitching
  • The Concept of Pitching
  • The Customer Pitch (Sales): How to sell yourself and your products
  • The Investment Pitch (Funding): How to sell yourself, your vision and your business
  • Articulate Self and Vision
  • Frameworks for Investment Pitches
  • The Business Model Canvas as a framework for structuring Startups
  • The P=R-C Equation (The relationship between price, revenue, cost, quantity)

Week 8
Mock Interviews
  • Mock Pitch Contest (Class level) Mock Pitch Contest:
    • Each class is required to produce 25 companies per school after the first Mock Pitch Contest
    • Each company should have a maximum of 5 members
Week 9
Interview Feedback Class
  • Interview Feedback Class & 2nd Round Mock Pitch Contest (School Level)
2nd Round Mock Pitch Contest:
  • 7 companies from LASU will compete in the final contest
  • 8 companies from LASPOTECH will compete in the final contest
  • 7 companies from UNILAG will compete in the final contest
  • 3 companies will be chosen as winners

Week 10
  • Mock Interviews Round 2
  • Final Pitch Contest Preparation

Week 11
  • Final Interview Preparation
  • Final Pitch Contest Preparation

Week 12-13
  • Final Interviews & Pitch Contest

Method Of Application

To apply for the program, you must be in the your final year, and you should have completed the RSW Online Academy. For those who are yet to participate in the RSW Online Academy, it will be open between March and May, 2018.

For penultimate (third year or fourth year for those studying a 5-year course) year students, use the following to register for the RSW online academy:

Final year students are to register via this portal :

For Lagos State University Students:
  • Sensitization of LASU Community: Tuesday 13th March, 2018.
  • Commencement of Registration: Thursday 15th March, 2018
  • Total Number of Participating Students: 5000
  • Expected Total Number of LASU Students Participants: 1500.
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LASU Ready Set Work Registration Begins for Final Year Students - 2018
The Governor of Lagos State Akinwunmi Ambode recently approved the payment of N30,000 in monthly stipends to ReadySetWork interns who have been placed in various organisations for  6-month paid internships, as well as N8 million in seed funding for the top 5 winners of the RSW Business Pitch Competition, whose businesses will be placed in incubation. The beneficiaries will commence their internships and incubation, respectively, on March 1st, 2018. This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, Mr. Obafela Bank-Olemoh.
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