UNILAG Faculties & Departments Election Time-Table & Guidelines - 2018/2019

UNILAG Faculties & Departments Election Time-Table & Guidelines - 2018/2019

University of Lagos, UNILAG Re-Scheduled Time-Table and Guidelines for Elections into Executive Positions in All Faculties and Departments for 2018/2019 Academic Session.

The following guidelines are hereby issued for the conduct of elections into various executive positions in the Faculty/Department Students’ Associations for the 2018/2019 Academic Session.

The General Guidelines for the Elections are as follows:
1. The Sub-Dean/Staff Adviser shall set up Electoral Committee for the conduct of election into the executive positions of the Faculty/Departments. The membership of the Electoral Committees is to be screened and approved by Dean of Student Affairs Division (DSA).
2. The Sub-Dean/Staff Adviser shall supervise and coordinate the activities of the Electoral Committees and also assist with logistics where necessary.
3. The Nomination forms shall be made available to interested students online. Elections shall be by
electronic voting via students’ portals.
4. The current Executives are to submit Handover Notes to include but not limited to, report on the finance of the Faculty/Department Associations to the Sub-Deans/Staff Advisers, as the case may be, latest one week before 2017/2018 second semester examination.
5. Handover notes and the financial reports of activities of Faculty/Department Associations duly endorsed by the Executives and the Sub-Deans/Staff Advisers should be forwarded to the Dean, Student Affairs Division (DSA) before the election date. Note that collection of certificate of service will be dependent on the submission of the Financial Report.

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Eligibility of Candidates
6. i) Candidates must have completed one full academic session in the University.
ii) Candidates for election should possess good leadership qualities, with established past record of good behaviour.
iii) Must be on good academic standing with a CGPA which must not be less than 3.0.
iv) Must not have a carryover pending as at the end of second semester of 2016/2017 academic
session. In the case of College of Medicine, a candidate must have no reference pending and must
not be repeating the present class.
7. A candidate found guilty of misconduct by the University Management shall be disqualified from running for an elective post even after the election.
8. Any student discovered to have given wrong information will be disqualified and if elected, shall be removed to face disciplinary panel while the runner-up will be declared winner.
9 . Students who have matriculated in a post-secondary higher institution other than the University
of Lagos are not eligible for any position either as member of Electoral Committee or contestant/candidate for any position.
10 All nomination forms received by the Electoral Committees shall be forwarded to DSA for final
Screening and approval through the Faculty Sub Dean/Staff Adviser.
11. Complaints arising from the election should be directed to the Dean, Student Affairs through SubDean/Staff Adviser.
12 Only Registered Students are eligible to vote and be voted for.
13 List of contestants shall be displayed at the Faculty/Department Election icon on the University
Website not later than 24 hours before election.
14. Each voter shall be entitled to cast a vote for each office to be filled.
15. There shall be no voting by proxy.
16. No candidate shall hold two elective positions in the same academic year in the University.
17. The winner of the election shall be determined by simple majority of the votes cast. Where there is tie, a re-run shall be conducted within 48 hours.
18 The results of the election shall be duly endorsed by the DSA or his representatives, Director, CITS, DCSO, Staff Adviser, Chairmen of Electoral Committees.
19. Election Results shall be displayed on the University website to be available to all voters
20. The Dean of Student Affairs Division shall set up an Election Petitions Committee
21. Where a candidate(s) has/have any complaint(s) against the conduct of any election, such
complaint shall be communicated in writing to the Election Petitions Committee, set up by the
Dean of Student Affairs, for adjudication within 24 hours after the results of election had been
22. No candidate shall be deemed to have been duly elected until any petition(s) pending for such an office had been finally disposed of.
23. The Sub-Deans/Staff Advisers have the responsibility of informing the Dean, Student Affairs Division of any defaulter of the Election Guidelines.


S/N Date Activities
1 Monday, 13/8/18 Release of 2018/2019 Election Guidelines for commencement of the
electioneering campaigns in Faculties and Departments
2 Wednesday, 15/8/18 Meeting with Faculty Sub Deans/Staff Advisers/CITS
3 Thursday, 16/8/18 Formation of Electoral Committees by the Staff Advisers and approval of
the Electoral Committees by the Dean of Student Affairs
4 Friday, 17- Sunday, 26
/8 /18
Online filling and submission of nomination forms.
5 Monday, 27/8/18 Deadline for submission of printed copies of nomination forms to the
Staff Adviser for screening.
6 Monday, 27- Friday,
Screening & vetting of nomination forms by Dean, Student Affairs Division
7 Saturday, 1/9/18 Release of names of contestants on the website and Student Affairs
Notice Board
8 Tuesday, 4/9/18 Manifestoes
9 Wednesday, 5/9/18 Elections by e-voting in all Faculties and Departments (9a.m. 2.00p.m.)
10 Yet to be determined Swearing in Ceremony for Faculties, Departments and DLI Executives

Please note the following:
1. The membership of the Faculty Electoral Committee should be a representative from each Department in the Faculty.
2. All registered students for the 2017/2018 session are eligible to vote and be voted for.
3. The current year one students (2017/2018) are eligible to vote but not eligible to contest
4. Students who have matriculated in a post-secondary higher institutions other
than the University of Lagos are not eligible for any position either as members of electoral committee or contestant/candidate for any position.
5. Manifestoes for Faculty/Department elections to be held at the same time, a day before Election Day in each Faculty.
6. Election to start by 9.00am and close by 2.00pm. The results of the elections will be printed out at CITS in the presence of representatives of Faculties contestants, Security Unit, Director CITS, Dean, Student Affairs, Staff Advisers and Chairmen of Electoral Committees.

Subsequently, same result will be posted on the University Website.

Thank you.
Prof. Ademola Adeleke
Dean, Student Affairs Division
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