BSUM Governing Council Scholarship List for Indigent Students 2019

BSUM Governing Council Scholarship List for Indigent Students 2019

Benue State University, BSU Governing Council Scholarship List of Shortlisted Indigent Students for Interaction, Documents Required for 2018/2019 Session.

This is to invite students of the Benue State University whose names are contained in the attached list for an interaction with the Governing Council ad hoc Committee to implement Council’s Scholarship for Indigent Students as scheduled below:

Date: Wednesday 24th April, 2019
Time: 10.00 a.m.
Venue: Senate Chamber

BSUM Governing Council Scholarship List for Indigent Students 2018/2019

S/N Name Matriculation No. Department Local Government
1 Okirigwe Aboh Kelvin BSU/MBBS/13/522 Medicine Ado
2 Okwe Moses BSU/SS/SOC/15/36038 Sociology Ado
3 Ocheje O. Michael BSU/LAW/15/2292 Law Ado
4 Obiabo Moses Ochogbuma BSU/MBBS/15/653 Medicine Agatu
5 Awodi Esther BSU/SS/ECO/14/26427 Economics Agatu
6 Ngbede Christopher Francis BSU/ED/EEN/15/30206 Curriculum & Teaching Agatu
7 Omajali Dorcas Ehi BSU/MBBS/14/599 Medicine Apa
8 Adameh Jacob Godstime BSU/MBBS/13/513 Medicine Apa
9 Musa Enenche Ajeibi BSU/MBBS/16/715 Medicine Apa
10 Ishwa Jeremiah Kunde BSU/MBBS/15/648 Medicine Buruku
11 Timve Nengeshater BSU/MBBS/16/733 Medicine Buruku
12 Agaku Seerdoon Stephanie BSU/AR/ENG/15/28959 English Buruku
13 Apebo Sylvia Doochivir BSU/AR/HIS/15/29499 History Gboko
14 Aboh Timothy Tombokaa BSU/SS/POL/15/33771 Political Sciences Gboko
15 Awajir Terngu BSU/SS/POL/15/33905 Political Sciences Gboko
16 Igbakua Kwaghfan Ezekiel BSU/MBBS/15/644 Medicine Guma
17 Vaatsav Shiaondo Alex BSU/AR/HIS/DE/15/29597 History Guma
18 Mchieve Joseph Terkende BSU/AR/ENG/DE/15/29266 English Guma
19 Imande Elizabeth Ngutor BSU/LAW/14/2094 Law Gwer
20 Aondowase Sough Solomon BSU/MBBS/16/694 Medicine Gwer
21 Tyokura Doofan Comfort BSU/SS/COM/15/33644 Mass Comm. Gwer
22 Ugah Jacob BSU/SS/POL/15/34291 Political Sciences Gwer- West
23 Frank Asema BSU/MBBS/15/637 Medicine Gwer-West
24 Igyam Orduwen Sylvester BSU/MBBS/16/709 Medicine Gwer-West
25 Anyam Godfrey Aondona BSU/SS/ECO/14/26413 Economics Katsina-Ala
26 Ikyobiam Comfort Nguavese BSU/SS/PSY/14/28020 Psychology Katsina-Ala
27 Mela Luper Othaniel BSU/Sc/MCB/14/26072 Biological Sciences Katsina-Ala
28 Tyozenda K.S. Moses BSU/SS/PSY/14/28270 Psychology Konshisha
29 Sor Nguhemen Nancy BSU/ED/LIS/15/30950 Library & Information Konshisha
30 Iorhen Jude BSU/AR/PHL/16/36837 Philosophy Konshisha
31 Ikyurav Sesughter Jerome BSU/MBBS/15/646 Medicine Kwande
32 Kuma Simon Akpoo BSU/MBBS/15/676 Medicine Kwande
33 Ortswen Mfena Perfect BSU/LAW/15/2311 Law Kwande
34 Waakaa Saaondo BSU/AR/HIS/14/24884 History Logo
35 Kuku Torkuma Dunamis BSU/BM/PHS/16/064 Physiology Logo
36 Umishi T. Manasseh BSU/AR/ENG/15/29229 English Logo
37 Maga Mnena Jessica BSU/AR/LIN/14/24769 Languages/Ling Makurdi
38 Uvor Msurshima BSU/SS/PSY/14/28295 Psychology Makurdi
39 Tsehemba Tordue BSU/AR/HIS/15/29577 History Makurdi
40 Edoh Stephen Egboja BSU/MBBS/14/567 Medicine Obi
41 Ordu Monica Moses BSU/SS/PSY/14/28086 Psychology Obi
42 Abah Erima Peace BSU/AR/ENG/15/28939 English Obi
43 Akor Adah Emmanuel BSU/MBBS/09/351 Medicine Ogbadibo
44 Onuh Justin BSU/MBBS/15/658 Medicine Ogbadibo
45 Elizabeth E. Okwori BSU/AR/ENG/14/24582 English Ogbadibo
46 Sule Emmanuel BSU/MBBS/13/532 Medicine Ohimini
47 Idoko Lucy Oyine BSU/BM/PHS/15/032 Physiology Ohimini
48 Onah Moses Ogbike BSU/MBBS/14/600 Medicine Oju
49 Acham Godswill Iranyohe BSU/MBBS/15/674 Medicine Oju
50 Ajuma Job Ukpata BSU/LAW/15/2211 Law Oju
51 Lawrence Samuel BSU/MBBS/13/516 Medicine Okpokwu
52 Emmanuel Patience BSU/BM/ANA/16/068 Anatomy Okpokwu
53 Ogwuche Joshua Ogwuche BSU/MS/BUS/14/5974 Business MGT Okpokwu
54 Samuel Doris Ene BSU/MBBS/13/531 Medicine Otukpo
55 Abechi Justina BSU/MBBS/13/490 Medicine Otukpo
56 Oguche Elijah BSU/AR/PHL/15/29742 Philosophy Otukpo
57 Agba Fanen Jacob BSU/MBBS/14/554 Medicine Tarka
58 Tue Ruth Mngohol BSU/AR/LIN/14/28911 Languages/Ling Tarka
59 Apever Donald Terwase BSU/ES/GEO/14/25838 Geography Tarka
60 Terungwa David Kator BSU/MBBS/13/533 Medicine Ukum
61 Jacob Ruth Mngohol BSU/AR/PHE/15/29704 Philosophy Ukum
62 Ahembe Dooweuse Sandra BSU/SC/MCB/14/26048 Biological Sciences Ushongo
63 Tarnande Mkav BSU/ES/GEO/14/25902 Geography Ushongo
64 Pav Tersor Peter BSU/MS/ACC/14/5767 Accounting Ushongo
65 Aleva Terpase H. BSU/AR/REL/DE/15/29913 Religion/Culture Vandeikya
66 Abuul Terfa Peter BSU/SS/COM/14/26676 Mass Comm. Vandeikya
67 Tondo Shidoo Blessing BSU/SS/PSY/15/35440 Psychology Vandeikya

The affected students are to kindly bring along the following:

i. 2 passport-sized photographs
ii. A copy of admission letter and UTME results/DE
iii. Copies of all original educational certificates
iv. A copy of course registration form for the current session
v. 2 passport photographs of parents/guardians, phone number and contact address of same
vi. If a student is resident off-campus, residential address should be provided
vii. A copy of student ID card/National ID card/Voters card/Drivers licence
viii. A letter of identification from Heads of Departments

All affected students are to note the above information for strict compliance, please.
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