KWASU School Fees Schedule - 2018/2019 (Indigene & Non-Indigene)

KWASU School Fees Schedule - 2018/2019 (Indigene & Non-Indigene)

Kwara State University (KWASU) School Fees Schedule for Fresh and Returning Undergraduates, Indigene and Non-Indigene Students for 2018/2019 Academic Session.

The management of the Kwara State University (KWASU) has released the fees schedule payable by all fresh and returning students of the institution for the 2018/2019 academic session.

KWASU school fees has been broken down into two .i.e. indigene and Non-Indigene of Kwara State. Check the schedule in the table below.

KWASU School Fees Schedule - 2018/2019 (Indigene & Non-Indigene)

Indigene of Kwara State:  
 Full Payment Required 
Year 1(100Level Students only)N99,500.00 
Year 2-4(200-400Level)N109,500.00 
Hostel Accommodation (Optional)N35,000(Pay Online)
Non-Indigene of Kwara State:  
 Full Payment Required 
Year 1(100Level Students only)N200,000.00 
Year 2-4(200-400Level)N210,000.00 
Hostel Accommodation (Optional)N35,000(Pay Online)
Pay online with your ATM card: Click Here 

Departmental & Miscellaneous Fees

  1. All Departmental and Other Fees should be paid Online
  2. All fees for year 2-4 is inclusive of tuition and entrepreneurship fees.
  3. Sum of N2,500 for Handbook – All students
  4. Sum of N5,000 for 100 – 300 Level – Biochemistry students
  5. Sum N5,000 for all students of Toursim, Merchandising and Hospitality Management
  6. Sum of N20,000 for 400 Level Education Students (Teaching Practice Exercise)
  7. Sum of N18,000 for 300 Level Education students (Teaching Practice Exercise)
  8. All geology students must add additional N25,000 for field work
  9. College of Agriculture: Excursion N9,000 / College Professional Registration N1,000 / Farming Practice Training (FPT) N40,000
  10. College of Education: Teaching Practice N12,000
  11. Early Childhood: Departmental Level N2,500 / Excursion N1,500 / Association Fees: N5,000 
  12. Business Education: Undergraduate N10,000 / Postgraduate N20,000
  13. E – learning Enhancement Fee starting 2014/2015 Session N5,000
  14. ENACTUS Entrepreneurship Awareness Creation Fees N5,000 for Freshers (100Level)
Note that only tuition fees are required at this time. Hostel accommodation fees will only be paid upon clearance by the Bursary and Hostel Management. If you have already secure Hostel accomodation, print out 3 copies of your accomodation information for Accomodation payment process at the Bursary Department.


All fees paid are Non-Refundable
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