WAEC Correction of Names, Date of Birth (DOB) Requirements & Guidelines

WAEC Correction of Names & Date of Birth Requirements & Guidelines

West African Examination Council, WAEC Correction of Names, Date of Birth [DOB] Requirements and Step by Step Guidelines for Graduates and Non-Graduates On Results and Certificates.

There has been a rising cases or need from candidates of the West African Examination Council, WAEC on Correction of Names and Date of Birth on their results or Certificates issue by the Council.

Below are the queries or questions sent in to us by affected candidates:

1. Hi, i wish to correct the DOB of my WAEC GCE result as soon as possible.
2. I Want To Correct My Name And DOB in my waec certificate
hello ,I wish to correct my name on my waec result. is it still possible?
3. I have a problem of WAEC date of birth which stop me from going for NYSC service last year. Can I change it and still go service.
4. Pls I discovered that my date of birthand my name is not correct on my waec / Gce result and I need to register for Nysc this April plsss what do I do? e.t.c
Well the truth is that you can actually make correction of your names which was mistakenly written before or after your results or certificates are been released.

But according to WAEC new law starting from 2017 Amendments/Correction of Date of Birth has been stopped due to the rising cases of candidates falsifying their ages for some reasons to suit their interest. See Notice given below:

Please Note that WAEC would not entertain any request for amendment of date of birth after Results had been released.


So if you definitely fall under the categories of students whose results has been released and certificates printed or gotten, kindly note that you can no longer affect changes to your Date of Birth but only on your names.

Candidates whose results are yet to be released or maybe who recently sat for the council examinations can easily requests for corrections of names or date of birth by providing the necessary required documents and guidelines outlined below:

WAEC Correction of Names, Date of Birth / Correction Of Data Requirements

Candidates are required to provide the following documents before proceeding to any of the the state or zonal WAEC Offices Nationwide for corrections.

1. Attestation Letter [This letter can be gotten from your school, showing you were / or still a bonafide student of the institution.]
2. Correction Letter [ The correction letter was to state the errors found in the WAEC result / certificate, Please kindly make sure you admit the mistakes been made]
3. Birth Certificate [This birth certificate MUST be the original one]
4. WAEC Result / Certificate [the one with the error on it]
5. Sworn Affidavit [Be it for Correction of Name or Date of Birth depending on your case]
6. School Register [This are for graduates, you must present your school register showing you were among those graduated from your institution]
7. Cash Sum of N10,000 for Names Correction or Date of Birth Correction, The both correction at once cost N15,000.

WAEC Correction of Names, Date of Birth / Correction Of Data Requirements

Now haven gotten the above required documents you are to proceed to any of the WAEC Zonal, State Offices in your State or the State where you sat or wrote the examination and submit the documents and make the payment stated above.

You are also to provide your contact details such as address and phone numbers to be contacted once the amendment has been processed.

NOTE: You are to issued a receipt showing your payment was successful and accepted, You are now to wait for a validity period of 3 - 6 Months for the Council to work on your request and get it processed.

Please never patronize any individual claiming to offer this service anywhere apart from the WAEC Offices, please don't just visit the WAEC Office for Correction of Names & Date of Birth walk-in to the office and don't patronize touts hanging around at the various offices.

Be informed that once the WAEC Correction of Names & Date of Birth has been processed you will be contacted by WAEC to either pick it up yourself or log on online to print your certificate online.

If you have any other questions relating to this topic, do not hesitate to use the comment box below and sure an Admin is ready to assist or guide you.
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  1. Is it possible to follow same procedures for change of passport photograph on waec result or certificate?

    1. Yes you can follow the same procedures, just visit the WAEC Office where you sat for the exam, present the old passport and new one you wish to change.

  2. What of Waec gce... Can't they do that one for someone that will not up to a month.. Because I just discovered when when I went for nysc registration that my date of birth is above 30 and they want to offer me exception letter which I don't want to collect... I need to serve my father's land... Please if you know any way out please assist me. 08143389858

    1. Kindly collect your exclusion letter, there is no need falsifying your age cos of service. WAEC cant amend your date of birth after results has been released.

    2. Pls is it from your secondary school or university you would collect the attestation letter

    3. If you are in Higher Institution and you are needing the WAEC Service either for clearance or NYSC Purpose then you should get the letter from your Institution.

  3. Can corrections be made on the name for someone who sat for the exam, as far back as 2014.

  4. Am currently writing this year's waec, can I still change my name while the exam is going on or wait till after the exam?

    1. You can effect change now or later after the examination end. The earlier the better.

  5. So any change of dob from 2017 is not corrected again in waec

  6. Please, All I need is rearrangement of name on my GCE result and collection of the original result, how will I go about that please


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