UNN College of Medicine Policy Review on Failure of Courses

UNN College of Medicine Policy Review on Failure of Courses

University of Nigeria, Nsukka [UNN] Review of Policy on Failure of First Year Courses by First Year Students of the College of Medicine.

You will recall that we had by our memorandum Ref. UN/RC.141 dated October 16, 2018 conveyed the Vice-Chancellor's approval, on behalf of Senate of the University of Nigeria, the College Board's recommendation that the original regulation where students who failed first year core courses stay behind to remedy the deficiency before joining 2nd MBBS Class.

The core courses are all first year courses registered by students of the Faculties of Medical Sciences and Dentistry, excluding General Studies courses.

The directive took effect from 2018/2019 academic session. Following complaints from some individuals against the decision of the College Board regarding students of 2016/2017 academic session as well as representation by some University functionaries, the Vice-Chancellor has graciously approved, on behalf of Senate, that all the students that failed any of the core courses in the 2ND AND FINAL ATTEMPT can now change to other Departments in the University.

To this end, he has also directed that the portal be specially opened to this category of students to apply for the desired change of course.

This is in line with the College of Medicine Academic Regulation as well as the recommendations of the College Board at its 84th Academic Board meeting held on September 6, 2018 thus: "Candidates who still fail to obtain a pass grade after re-registering the course (excluding the general study courses) and repeating the examination at the appropriate semester in the next academic year shall be required to withdraw from the Faculty and the courses leading to the award of MBBS degree".

The Registrar therefore wishes to inform you and indeed the University Community that affected students should apply individually for the re-opening of portal to enable them register for change of degree programme to other relevant Departments.

All applications should get to the Registrar on or before Thursday, February 14, 2019.

The Provost, all relevant Deans of Faculty, Heads of Department, other key University functionaries and Faculty Officers are hereby directed to ensure full compliance with this decision.

Dr. Chris C. Igbokwe Registrar 
cc: Vice-Chancellor Deputy 
Vice-Chancellor (Administration) 
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enugu Campus) 
University Librarian Dean, 
Faculty of Medical Sciences Dean, 
Faculty of Dentistry 
Deputy Registrar (Senate Affairs) 
Deputy Registrar (Records) 
Deputy Registrar (Examinations) 
Principal Assistant Registrar (Admissions) 
Faculty Officer, Medical Sciences 
Faculty Officer, Dentistry.
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