NOUN 9th Convocation Clearance & Academic Gown Collection 2020

NOUN 9th Convocation Clearance & Academic Gown Collection 2020

National Open University (NOUN) 9th Convocation Ceremony Gown Collection and Clearance Form Guidelines for Graduating Students of 2019/2020 Session.

The National Open University, NOUN has announced the commencement date for clearance and academic gown collection of all graduates for the 9th convocation ceremony.

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NOUN 9th Convocation Ceremony Graduation List 2020 - PDF Download 

Upon the release of the graduation list, graduating students are required to undergo a clearance process by doing the following:
  • Log into your noun portal, click on clearance form, which is on the left-hand side of the menu;
  • Print out the form, and fill in the necessary information required, e.g. Name, Matric Number, etc. (student data)
Having done the above, you can return to the portal:
  • Click on the Study Centre to clear any issues regarding the Centre. If there are none, an official stamp is required here for proof.
  • Click on Library for clearance on books if still having school books in your possession. If there are none, an official stamp is required here for proof.
  • Click on Bursary; here is the final process for clearance on Alumni, project fees, IT, etc. This part will also be stamped by the Faculty representative.
  • Having satisfied all the above, the student is ready for the graduation ceremony.
Instructions: To be completed by NOUN Graduates ONLY.
Please, kindly complete this survey questions and submit. 
Print a copy of the Acknowledgement Slip at the end of the survey and submit it during the Clearance exercise for graduation. 
This exercise is meant to build a database as required by the National Universities Commission (NUC) on all Alumni. 

All Graduands who see their names on the graduating list are to visit the link below and fill the survey form, submit and print the form.
You are expected to present a copy of the printed form for clearance.


1. Your name MUST be on the Graduation list
2. Provide evidence of correct registration of Courses and Exams by providing your Course and Exam Registration slips or complete E-Wallet.
3. Provide evidence of payment of
Jamb Regularization (6,000)
Result verification
(Postgraduate: 10,000 , Undergraduate: 5,000)
4. All Graduating students, especially those whose names are on the New Website, must print out their E-Wallets from their portals
5. Proof of payment of CORRECT PROJECT FEE
6. Students that registered Projects before January 1, 2014 with 10,000 are free. But those that registered Project with 10,000 after the above date, must pay a balance of 5,000.
7. Any student with Negative balance in the portal must clear the balance before he/she can be cleared.
8. All Graduating Students must Pay CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION FEE of 15,000. Upon return of the Gown in good condition within the stipulated time, a refund of 5,000 will be made to the student into the student’s bank account.
9. The Payment of the 15,000 should be strictly for the CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION via REMITA website as shown below:
a) Logon to
b) Pay a federal Government Agency
c) Type: National Open University of Nigeria
d) Select: Miscellaneous
e) Description: Type your reason for payment (CONVOCATION and REGISTRATION FEE). If you are paying for any other item: Project Balance or Result Verification or Jamb Regularization, etc,. You state it there.
f) Name of Student and Matric Number. E.g (Nnamdi Udoka Samuel NOU123456789)
g) Phone number
h) E-mail address
i) Select bank Branch (please avoid using internet or Card payment to avoid issues)
j) Take your RRR to any commercial Bank for Payment.
k) Ensure you collect the RRR receipt from the Bank

The above can be done for you at the study centre Business office.

Clearance is done at the Accountant Office.

RECOMMENDED: NOUN Graduating Students New Guidelines & Requirements 2019.


A. All those who have completed their programmes and have been cleared for Convocation are to sign for and receive academic gowns and guest invitation cards from their respective Study Centres with effect from 17th March, 2020. 

1. Undergraduates are to collect the accompanying hoods at the Abuja Model Study Centre, Dutsen Alhaji Junction, Kubwa Expressway , while Postgraduate students are to collect theirs at the Wuse II Study Centre, 5 Dar Es Salaam Street, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II,Abuja , from 10:00 a.m. on 17th March, 2020.

2. They are required to present the following for sighting at the points of collection of the items:

i. Evidence of payment of a fee of Fifteen Thousand (N15,000.00) for the use of academic gowns and Convocation Register.

ii. A duly completed and authenticated clearance form issued at the Study Centre. The sum of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000.00) will be refunded upon the return of the academic gowns and hoods to the respective Study Centres.

Please note that both items must be returned not later than 30th March, 2020 from 9.00 a.m. Failure to return the gowns and hoods by the prescribed date shall attract a fine of N1, 000.00 per day.

B. Graduands are requested to assemble at designated location(s) at the Convocation Arena on Saturday, 28th March, 2020 between 6:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. They must be fully robed and on a queue according to their Faculties.


C. Commercial photographers/video operators are requested to register to obtain clearance for operation. They are to register at the under-listed location between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. from March, 2020:

All Graduating Students must wear the prescribed academic gowns. Security officers will strictly enforce the “No gown, No entry” policy.

i. No form of luggage or handbags will be allowed at the arena. Graduands are advised, without exception, to comply with this directive.

ii. To access the Convocation Arena, each graduand is required to present a tally which bears his/her Faculty name and a number. The tally will be distributed at the entrance on a “first-come-first-served” basis.

iii. It is a breach of security to find a graduand seated in the Arena without a tally assigned to him/her. All guests of the University (properly identified with their invitation cards) are to be seated not later than 9.30 a.m.

iv. Parking lots have been provided for use at the Convocation venue. Guests are to park their cars in areas indicated in their invitation cards.

Graduands are hereby informed that Certificates will be ready for collection in June, 2020 in the following order:

i. Faculty of Management Sciences
ii. Faculty of Social Sciences & Faculty of Sciences
iii. Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, CEMBA/CEMPA, ASCON

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