AFMS Young Education Officers Induction Course 2018/2019

AFMS Young Education Officers Induction Course 2018/2019

Airforce Military School (AFMS) Young Education Officers Induction Course (YEOIC) Dates, Time, Venue, Administrative / Joining Instructions, Course Outline and Allocation of Topics for (1/2019 ) 2018/2019 Academic Session.

Administrative Instructions For Young Education Officers  Induction Course 1/2019 (18 Aug — 6 Sep 19)cere

Time zone used throughout the Order Alpha.

1. Situation. The maiden Young Education Officers Induction Course (YEOIC) 1/2019 will commence from 18 Aug Sep 19 at the Air Force Military School Jos (Nsika Eduok Hall).

The course aims at providing the nominated officers with the knowledge, skills and attitude which they require to function effectively as education officers at their level in their respective units. It also aim at inculcating in the student officers, requisite instructional skills, an enhanced understanding of the child and adolescent psychology.

2. Mission. To provide detailed instruction for the conduct of the Young Education Officers' Induction Course 1/2019.

 3. Service support.

a. Accommodation. The Local Organising Committee (LOC) is to provide accommodation for 20 nights for all student officers not resident in Jos as detailed at Annex B.

b. Security. The LOC, in close liason with OC Prov Sqn, is to provide security at the venue of the training as well as the accommodation area.

c. Transportation Arrangements. The LOC is to provide local transport for movement of student officers from outside units to and from accommodation areas and AFMS.

d. Catering. The LOC is to arrange for breakfast and lunch for all student officers and officials or resource persons throughout the course. Also, the LOC is to provide ration allowance of N500.00 (in lieu of dinner) for the student officers per day for the duration of the training.

e. Accreditation. The LOC is to ensure that student officers are accredited at AFMS Jos on 18 Aug 19 from 1300 hrs.

f. Dress Regulation. Student officers for YEOIC 1/2019 are to be guided by the following dress code:

a. Lectures/Presentation - Tunic and No 4 working dress.
b. Practical exercises — Woodland Camouflage.
c. Sports/PT — sport wear.

g. Acknowledgment Instruction. Nil.

A. Time Table for the Young Education Officers Induction Course1/2019.

B. Convening Order for LOC to coordinate the conduct of the Young Education Officers Course l/2019.

Allocation Of Topics - Education Officers’ Induction Course 2019

Serial Topic Resource Person Remarks
(a) (b) (c) (d)
1. Career as an Education Officer in the NAF Coordinating Consultant
2. Basic Education as Foundation for Functional
Education Resource Centre, Jos
3. Lesson Planning and Delivery Education Resource Centre, Jos
4. The NAF Education System DOEDN
5. Instructional Methods and Techniques University of Jos
6. Curriculum Design and Development University of Jos
7. Essentials of Service Writing Wg Cdr Adejimi AFCS Kaduna
8 Child Development and Management of Adolescents University of Jos
9. The Education Officer in a NAF Base Gp Capt JD Irmiya (Rtd)
10. Instructional Materials and Lesson Delivery Education Resource Centre, Jos
11. Making Impactful Presentations Air Cdre Afam M Chukwu (Rtd)
12. Effective Classroom Management Gp Capt JD Irmiya (Rtd)
13. General Principles of School Administration and
University of Jos
14. Minutes of Conferences /Meetings Wg Cdr Adejimi AFCS Kaduna
15. Time Tabling and Administrative Excellence in
Wg Cdr PM Pam (Rtd)
16. Schedule of Activities for Service Events Wg Cdr HJ Baba Mallam Comdt
17. Tests, Measurement and Evaluation Education Resource Centre, Jos
18. School Record Keeping Mrs Onwubiko F EQAO (Rtd)
19. Authority Relationships in the NAF School System Air Cdre Afam M Chukwu (Rtd)
20. The Education officer as a Guidance Counselor Wg Cdr PM Pam (Rtd)
21. Promoting Academic Excellence Through Co
Curricular Activities
Wg Cdr H Baba-Mallam Comdt
22. Enhancing Teacher Quality and Performance in the
NAF School System
Education Resource Centre, Jos
23. Development and Maintenance of the School Plant Gp Capt GB Doji (Rtd)
24. Safety and Security in the NAF School System Air Cdre Afam M Chukwu (Rtd)
25. The Place of the Library in the School System Gp Capt IS Azubuike
26. Mentoring as Personnel Development Strategy in
NAF Education System
Air Cdre S Naiya (Rtd)
27. Managing Personnel in the NAF School System Gp Capt RO Agbor CEO TAC
28. Schools as CIMIC Advocates for the NAF Air Cdre Afam M Chukwu (Rtd)
29. Regimentation, Ethics and NAF Core Values Comd, 551 NAF Stn, Jos
30. Micro Teaching (Exercise) Coordinating Consultants/Sqn Ldr
A Ubonu (Rtd)
31. Managing Students in a NAF Boarding School Gp Capt BY Zakari CEO LC
32. Technology Integration into Teaching/Learning
Education Resource Centre, Jos
33. Budgeting Techniques for NAF Schools Gp Capt RO Agbor CEO TAC
34. Setting the School Tone and Management of
Discipline in NAF Schools
Gp Capt JD Irmiya (Rtd)
35. Introduction to Education Quality Assurance Services Mr Jitung GJ EQAO (Rtd)
36. Introduction to Education Laws in Nigeria University of Jos
37. Rules and Regulations in the NAF school System Gp Capt BY Zakari CEO LC
38 Productivity and Stress Management Comd, NAF Hospital Jos
39. Relationship Between the School and the Community Wg Cdr F Yussuf CEO SOC
40. Code of conduct for Edn Offrs in the NAF Gp Capt GB Doji (Rtd)
41. Admission and Transfer Policies in the NAF School
42. Assessments ERC/Coordinating Consultants
43. Exercises Coordinating Consultants
44. Presentations Air Cdre Afam M Chukwu (Rtd)
45. Demonstrations Gp Capt JD Irmiya (Rtd)
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